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Highlights on Michigan Paycheck Advances

Submit your loan application online at anytime. No Papers to Fax

Different banks and lending companies compete for your business, resulting in the best rate for you the consumer.

No Credit Check
All we ask for is proof of employment, your credit doesn't matter in payday loan approval.

You can expect your loan within just 1 business day, or if you're lucky just 1 hour!

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Payday Loans and Cash Advances Provide Financial Safety in emergencies

It's an unpredictable world out there, and even the most scrupulous of people can be affected by a financial emergency when least expected. However, people don't always have the resources or credit that it takes to get a loan from a bank, a cash advance from a credit card, or even some cash from a friend or relative. Fortunately, things began to change and in the mid 90s new legislation was passed in Congress that allowed for different financial companies and loan institutions to offer short term, easy to acquire payday loans. As a result, people now had access to this new "payday loan" which provided them with quick, fast cash at a low cost for use in unexpected financial emergencies.

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